1. What is Medical Management of Opiate Addiction?
The Medical Managment of Opiate Addiction gives patients the opportunity to get back into the normal routine of their lives, without spending time in an in-patient facility, and is MORE successful overall in order to regain control of their addiction.

Our physicians, counselors, and staff will help you to take a holistic, or total approach to your recovery. How do we help?

  • With this type of treatment, you will have bi-weekly or monthly visits with your doctor and counselor in an office-based setting.
  • When appropriate, you will also receive a prescription for a buprenorphine containing medicine. These medicines are often known by brand names, such as Suboxone, Bunavail, Zubsolv, Subutex or generic "subs." This medication is important in helping to stop the effects of withdrawal and drug-seeking habits.
  • Once you have begun your treatment (induction), you enter the maintanence phase. This phase is important for both medical and social stabilization; doctors and counselors focus on helping patients increase their strengths and create goals for the future.
  • While every patient is different, those desiring to wean or decrease their medication work with their physician to do so around six months. Not every patient chooses to wean, and this decision is completely up to the patient and their physician.

For more information on specific Medications please check out the links below: